Tuesday, January 23, 2018

After Blood Debts

My story Blood Debts is almost finished (2 chapters and epilogue left).
Those parts are already written, and are being edited.

So this raises the question of what next?

Blood Debs is a crossover of the main Return plotline and the Dresden plotline.

The next book of The Return will, naturally, focus on the primary Return characters. Ranma and her family,  Usagi and her team, the Company agents, and their villains.

So that raises the question of what about Dame BlackStone and her plot?

Well the tentative plan is to use a series of connected short stories such as:

Our Sister, the Idiot: 
Where BlackStone's sibblings from different worlds deal with each other

Invisible Hand:  Where BlackStone deals with no longer being the only wizard in town.
Family Business:  Where BlackStone deals with visiting her new extended family

Compounding Interest:  Where BlackStone has to deal with relatives from that new side of the family, moving into her territory and homesteading.

Should be some fun stuff.

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