Friday, October 2, 2009

Site is Back

The site is back up.

After wadding though the server Stacy found the problem and corrected it.

Sorry for the downtime.


tilkau said...

Seriously, why is there not a simple way to contact you or DCG?

reposting my previous post now: (as it happened, I posted it just before it went down; I did verify that it works.)

Hi, I couldn't see any other way to mention this, so..

The link to the 'Fic Update' thread links to page #72 of a currently 112-page thread.
If this is not particularly intended, you could consider
linking to

which should always point at the latest page of that thread. (at least unless it gets to have 10million or more posts, haha :)

Spokavriel said...

Thanks to Stacy and I hope the running convo wasn't too distracting.

Rei-chan said...

Hooray, we are back in business.