Saturday, June 13, 2009

Site is down

The site is down.

Check here for more information as it becomes available.


Spokavriel (Daniel Thomas Stack) said...

I made a note of it last time the forums were down and I'm doing so again. The IRC is still there for anyone who wants to stop by. irc:// #fukufics

This one might go a bit longer than the last service interruption.

Anonymous said...

Well this sucks... Wonder what happened this time.
- Konsaki

Anonymous said...

I guess that explains why I kept 403 errors, Friday night and Saturday.


Spokavriel (Daniel Thomas Stack) said...

Yep it explains it. We're all forbidden from accessing the forum for some reason.

Got a message or two over at YouTube. I hope I got everyone to look here instead of pestering me there. It's not like I was or ever would be an admin or mod so even though I hunt and beg for the info there are others more likely to have it first.

Talonhunter said...

I Kept checking back over here all day yesterday, until Sunny posted the fact the site was down

Unknown said...

A lot of sites seem to be down nowadays. It's kind of awkward. Also FF.Nets Document Manger is down or was this morning. This is so freakin' Annoying!

Spokavriel (Daniel Thomas Stack) said...

Sunny might not wake up for a while but the site is back up even if there are times it ends up with loading errors.

Better than nothing.