Sunday, March 4, 2007

Minor Update

The new server is being setup.

We think the site should be online within the week. Mind you that's a very tennative date

Edit: The forum was backed up. So any loss should be minimal


Ninsaneja said...

I hope it's up fast. I'm holding my breath :P

Dumbledork said...

Will all the posts be gone or not?

Anonymous said...

I was already wondering friday/saturday why the fukufics notifications were absent from my mail :)

Oh well... One week to wait for a server isn't that bad. And considering the reason I'm not at all picky if it takes two or even three weeks. I just hope it doesn't take as long as it did when the forum did crash.

Take it easy in setting up the server. I'd rather wait longer and know it's up good, then suffer downtime and troubles if that's the trade-in for a faster installation.

One minor question: does this mean that the forum may also see a version upgrade or something, or is the current version of the database and code going to be used?