Friday, June 8, 2018

Betrayed Consequences Finished

And with today's post  Book 2 is done.

Well, that's Betrayed Consequences.  Thanks to everyone who read and commented.  We're starting to see Ranma (and Eve and Usagi and so on...)  grow into this situation.  Though a lot of this (especially with the combat cyborgs) is setting the stage for the third part "Raising Trouble". 

And with that, and the Battle of Ottawa, we'll have caught up to Blood Debts.   And from there the new stuff.   Such as Dame BlackStone centered short stories like:  "Our Sister, the Idiot" "Dreamland", and "Family Business".  That last one is also part of showing more of the succubus homeplane in general and Silvana in specific.  Something that will also be a major part of the post Blood Debts main story)